Life after imprisonment in Russia. Do people feel free after prison?

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Russian government has recently introduced a new development for correction system. One of the points in this system is a new probation scheme which should help ex-prisoners to adapt in society.

Post-prison adaptation is problematic in Russia. Ex-prisoners experience difficulties with employment and it is nearly impossible for them to get back to normal life.

Why do we need to worry about it? Since it is hard for ex-prisoners to socialise, sometimes they come back to criminal activity which can be a threat to out society.

0:00 Russia is planning to introduce probation system. What does it mean?
1:33 About Artyom Guzyuk, 41 y.o., 20 years in prison
4:18 Аlexandr Korolyov, 43 y.o., 23 years in prison
5:55 How are prisoners prepared before being released from prison?
8:45 Vasiliy Ginda, 71 y.o., more than 40 years in prison
11:14 What news has Artyom missed during his years in prison?
14:38 Social housing for ex-prisoners
21:11 Romance between pen pals. Roman's wife had been waiting for him for 13 years to be released from prison.
25:11 Working houses for ex-prisoners. Adaptation or slavery?
30:17 Living conditions of Artyom now
31:46 Why law about social rehabilitation was not adopted?
34:55 What kind of jobs are available for ex-prisoners?
38:40 Artyom goes to a supermarket for the first time in 20 years
41:52 Pastor of The Evangelical Lutheran Church who has spent more than 10 years in prison
44:28 The pastor became an employer and a human rights activist to protect convicts
48:38 Probation: Russian and American systems
54:10 Аrtyom is introduced to a computer and Google maps
55:35 About administrative observation

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