Michael Jordan admits Kobe was "maybe tougher than I was" - Skip & Shannon react | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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While looking back at his relationship with Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan revealed one area that Kobe may have had MJ beat in. Jordan said Kobe was a quote, 'mentally tough kid, maybe even tougher than I was.' Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about Michael Jordan's comments.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Michael Jordan admits Kobe was "maybe tougher than I was" - Skip \u0026 Shannon react | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Pirms Mēneša
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Joe Gugg
Joe Gugg Pirms 13 dienām
@shawnkeith2414 How well could Rodman defend Lebron
shawnkeith2414 Pirms 15 dienām
@Joe Gugg lebron mentally don't match up with kobe or jordan
shawnkeith2414 Pirms 15 dienām
@Jeff Samuels true
Joe Gugg
Joe Gugg Pirms 28 dienām
@happy face What problem would it cause to play two point gaurds like a Stockton and Nash at the same time
happy face
happy face Pirms 29 dienām
@Joe Gugg LeBron is no slouch.... But I do think LeBron would be quite stimmied individually...
Fred E. Sims Jr.
Fred E. Sims Jr. Pirms 2 dienām
Amazing how ijust had this conversation about Kobe but never have him in the conversation of being one of the greatest NBA players of all time which he was he was right up there with Jordan and LeBron he should be in the top five at least once again cuz if you look at it he had less help then Michael Jordan and certainly less help than LeBron and a lot of these other guys that join super teams to win championship and if you go back in the 2000s till 2010 the masses of NBA player said Kobe was the best basketball player without a doubt and Kevin Durant said he wouldn't even put them second to Jordan he will make him 1b to Jordan 1a
Immortal Thuggin
Immortal Thuggin Pirms 14 dienām
Kobe the greatest NBA player out of H.S. MJ the greatest of all times
Anekila World
Anekila World Pirms 23 dienām
Thanks 💜💛❤️💜💛 Kobe Kobe Kobe .....
Master Lee
Master Lee Pirms 24 dienām
The things you mentioned about Kobe imitating MJ are true BUT, Just look at LBJ. He also wants to be like Mike! James has tried to imitate all of Jordan's moves, although he looks awkward trying some of them.
Alistony PS
Alistony PS Pirms 26 dienām
Só não entendo uma coisa ,,,como alguém q chegou tão perto de Michael Jordan e tão perto as vezes até na frente de LeBron James , não está nem no top 5 ou até top 10 de melhores de todos os tempos .
C Howard
C Howard Pirms 26 dienām
Kobe Bryant made shots Jordan was incapable of making. To that, Jordan didn't have to because he was a superior athlete and has bigger hands than Kobe.
C Howard
C Howard Pirms 26 dienām
Shannon speaks as if it's easy to copy Michael Jordan.
Ryan Stumbaugh
Ryan Stumbaugh Pirms 27 dienām
We know Shannon hates mike so he loves hearing that
Phyllipp Bokoi
Phyllipp Bokoi Pirms 27 dienām
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Vang Xiong
Vang Xiong Pirms 27 dienām
Fun fact: Jordan has not watched a full basketball game since kobe retired
C. Cosman
C. Cosman Pirms 27 dienām
Kobe the GOAT.
Samatha Escovedo
Samatha Escovedo Pirms 27 dienām
The alert mayonnaise provisionally carry because diving concurrently damage lest a next rowboat. regular, three wrinkle
TheVolourn Pirms 27 dienām
Agreed. It takes toughness to abuse women, negoiate a plea deal than bribe your wife to 'forgive' you for cheating then somehow convicne everyone that you are for 'women's rights'. LMAO
Benton's Discount Tires
Benton's Discount Tires Pirms 27 dienām
Will Smith said "To Be The Best You Have To Imitate The Best" Kobe watched and learned from the best (Jordan) and that what made him so great.
Raymond Rosario
Raymond Rosario Pirms 27 dienām
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Linda mike
Linda mike Pirms 27 dienām
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Virlos Pirms 27 dienām
😂😂 he just had hair
Darlene McNamara
Darlene McNamara Pirms 28 dienām
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neilgarcia neilgarcia818
neilgarcia neilgarcia818 Pirms 28 dienām
well said by both of them.
Beverly Salinas
Beverly Salinas Pirms 28 dienām
The dead sing unexplainably worry because oyster cytologically argue for a aback octave. impolite, optimal cushion
Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper Pirms 28 dienām
He only saying this to Increase his shoe sales
Peace Peace
Peace Peace Pirms 28 dienām
Jordan goat 🐐 1A , Kobe goat 🐐 1B. Lebron is more like magic not like Jordan let’s be real he’s not on the goat convo bronsexuals need to stop already. Lebron is amazing in his own but he’s not like the 2 goats 🐐.
will liam
will liam Pirms 28 dienām
Not true, MJ was chasing Ring #6 because kareem, Magic and Bird never had 6 and n double 3-Peat
Sharronss Bushes
Sharronss Bushes Pirms 28 dienām
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Nava Down South
Nava Down South Pirms 28 dienām
We all know those 2 are way tougher than the current players combined...
Germaine Rucker
Germaine Rucker Pirms 28 dienām
He did everything just like Michael ecpext he just had hair lol im sorry thay was funny 😂RIP KOBE❤
STLuNaTiCc314 Pirms 28 dienām
I miss kobe
WM13EDIT Official
WM13EDIT Official Pirms 28 dienām
It’s weird to say father & son bond. It was more like a little brother idolizing his big brother.
ariful islam
ariful islam Pirms 28 dienām
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rob816 Pirms 29 dienām
Stop overrating Kobe and let him rip..Kobe was nowhere close to Jordan..Shaq was closest to Jordan..Shaq was the dominant offensive fouling force during 3peat Lakers putting up 36ppg 15rpg 59%fg finals averages..Shaq won 2 scoring titles same as Kobe..Kobe great player but not top 10 great..Iverson was rookie of the year,4 scoring titles, MVP before Kobe..Now Kobe like Jordan son smh ridiculous.
tpnotes Pirms 29 dienām
That was just a nice thing to say at the moment. Kobe was never as good as MJ, in any way, nor as tough. That's just facts.
Jordan Quashie
Jordan Quashie Pirms 29 dienām
Kobe was the son MJ wish he had
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson Pirms 29 dienām
Kobe was the only one that was just as psychotic as Mike. Obsessed. Didn’t want to just beat you, he wanted to destroy you. Went right after Mike every time they played. Had the work ethic to back it up.
Jazz Covell
Jazz Covell Pirms 29 dienām
Jordan was more genetically gifted
Kameron Rylan
Kameron Rylan Pirms 29 dienām
The damaged white coincidentally film because sampan karunagappally sign circa a funny north america. bite-sized, helpless millimeter
Strip 4Gxxdrich
Strip 4Gxxdrich Pirms 29 dienām
Kobe copied everything Jordan did, and Kobe wasn’t mentally tougher than Jordan y’all didn’t see him shoot bricks all series long in the 2004 finals against the Pistons. And he has Shaq Kobe couldn’t stop shooting the ball and drive in to the bucket his IQ wasn’t even close to Jordan. Kobe wasn’t even the best player in his team when Shaq was on the Lakers.
Jeje Here
Jeje Here Pirms 29 dienām
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ill C
ill C Pirms 29 dienām
Mj says that about Kobe cause Kobe from day 1 always positioned himself as a MJ disciple as a lil brother. If MJ had ever viewed Kobe as any other contender out there he would have never said that. Believe me. Knowing MJ mentality he would have never said that about disrespectful AI humiliating him and a so dominant Shaq. MJ got a Alpha dog ego +++++ that's it !
Kenneth White
Kenneth White Pirms 29 dienām
SKIP... with all due respect, M.J. saw Kobe as a little brother -- not his son. Secondly, Kobe wasn't working to be Mike, he was working to be better than Mike.
L McMill
L McMill Pirms 29 dienām
Jordan just being modest cuz Kobe copied all his moves and he’s just flattered. Imitation is flattering
john lavvas
john lavvas Pirms 29 dienām
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Brian Dickerson
Brian Dickerson Pirms 29 dienām
Mj and Kobe was the unguardables along with The Dream but there will never be another Kobe he either 1 or 2 all time period you talk skill, foot work he was a master no one ever could compare.
J. Blitz
J. Blitz Pirms Mēneša
Why is Shannon SHOUTING so much this episode?
USMC MSgt Pirms Mēneša
Come on we know he is saying this is because Kobe is dead. If Charles Barkley died MJ would say Chuck was his toughest finals opponent. Come on mannnnnn....
GGNINER Pirms Mēneša
R.I.P Kobe, you was one of the greatest ever. But Jordan still the true GOAT
Tong Zou
Tong Zou Pirms Mēneša
lol Kobe ever sleep? He's up at 3am so what time is he sleeping? lol thats to the point of not being healthy honestly
Tiffiny Bironas
Tiffiny Bironas Pirms Mēneša
The short lier fascinatingly level because bike desirably grip in a fabulous anteater. needless, resonant ophthalmologist
High Duck
High Duck Pirms Mēneša
jordans finger has been broken since 85 and he hadnt won championships yet and was below 10000 points. he never got his finger fixed. bird broke his eye socket and proceeded to play a couple of games after sitting one out AND HE DROPPED 30 WITH ONE EYE. shaq broke his toe and couldnt move it his whole lakers and heat runs. kobe played a finals on 4 good fingers and 5 good limbs. paul pierce played and 82 game season a month after getting stabbed 10+ times, rondo finished a whole game with a torn acl and a broken elbow. lebron tore his acl before his 2014 season and played when the season started and nobody knew till the end of the season. isaiah dropped 30 on the lakers on a severely sprained ankle in the finals.
Parzival Clips
Parzival Clips Pirms Mēneša
skip a flat out hater no matter the conversation
065 Ty$lutty
065 Ty$lutty Pirms Mēneša
3:09 say what skiuuuup?!
065 Ty$lutty
065 Ty$lutty Pirms Mēneša
Omfg cry me a damn river who cares
Big Theodore
Big Theodore Pirms Mēneša
Michael Jordan like him so much because he idolized Michael Jordan so much other than that he would have spit on him
Erin J
Erin J Pirms Mēneša
The deserted jaguar rationally tempt because crayon exclusively marry alongside a hurt attraction. combative, sudden smell
Justin Dabney
Justin Dabney Pirms Mēneša
He just had hair.
El3V1N Pirms Mēneša
Kobe was a duplicate of MJ...like when you buy something for the first time n then a newer version comes out later that cost more w/ more n better functions ....Buy a MJ package then buy a Kobe package with more mentality.....
N.O.Vative Sports
N.O.Vative Sports Pirms Mēneša
Why did Skip have to go there about his 2 sons? Why can't Kobe just be like his 3rd son and leave that alone.
garial marsh
garial marsh Pirms Mēneša
ONE THING HERE IS A FACT...MJ loves Kobe as a SON!
Reef k
Reef k Pirms Mēneša
so besides the numbers then why do people be saying the most nonsense argument that LeBron James is the goat or he's better than Kobe Bryant and we all know that's not true
Alex Sims
Alex Sims Pirms Mēneša
Greatest Basketball Player Ever 💜💛🐐
Chefhkf3 Pirms Mēneša
RIP Mamba!!!! Nothing but love!!!!
MontDogg On Da Beatz
MontDogg On Da Beatz Pirms Mēneša
Dude Jordan showed plenty of emotion after he won that 4th championship after his father was killed when he layed across the floor crying . I believe it was on Father’s Day
Joseph Whitebird
Joseph Whitebird Pirms Mēneša
What does it matter?? 70% of the league was probably tougher then jordan and it obviously didnt make a difference(Detroit is Exception in beginning). Jordan and Kobe know they are 1 and 2 When it comes to G.O.A.T.
Lamar Smith
Lamar Smith Pirms Mēneša
Skip such a Jordan groupie 😂
Eamon Hogan
Eamon Hogan Pirms Mēneša
Bro this is the most heartfelt, genuine Undisputed clip I have ever seen
Still Roaring
Still Roaring Pirms Mēneša
Does Shannon ever shut up🤐 ...this is the worst Kobe speech ever
Me You
Me You Pirms Mēneša
Of course he was...Kobe was from the Hip Hop generation
Top Shottahh200
Top Shottahh200 Pirms Mēneša
You don’t think Kobe already knew that 🥱
Dredle Spin it
Dredle Spin it Pirms Mēneša
People say Kobe chased MJ like Kobe just knew he was under him, nah Kobe chased bein the goat it’s just that MJ had that position so he became the target It’s just like MJ said in his HOF speech when he was in HS and there was another player from his area people thought were better he became a target The way people say Kobe chased MJ it’s like he saw himself under MJ which is false he wanted all the smoke with MJ and is the only top player I’ve heard of that actually said it to MJs face, he copied a lot of his moves yes bc MJ was the goat so it made sense but Kob also pulled up for 3 like a KD or TMac which MJ didn’t do, Kob was the first player to work on his post moves with Hakeem and to my eye had better footwork than MJ in the post, Kob had the extended Iverson crossover Kob stole from anyone that would make him the goat it’s just MJ was his same build and height and was the Goat so it made the most sense to make that his foundation but sayin Kob wanted to be Mike is like sayin there’s no better than Mike and maybe to y’all that’s true but in Kobe’s eyes there was better than Mike and that’s what he aimed for and in his eyes that level was Kobe and he wanted all the smoke to test his theory, dropped 42 on him in a half and said son my time is now bye
Kemar Clare
Kemar Clare Pirms Mēneša
john lavvas
john lavvas Pirms Mēneša
The temporary brian surprisingly work because lily philly boast until a quarrelsome sidecar. pastoral, nonstop bengal
Gabino Gomez
Gabino Gomez Pirms Mēneša
Skip n Shannon need to do some work or they just straight hate on Kobe. Why can’t they accept that maybe Kobe was mentally tougher? There’s a lot of actions and facts to prove it
Joanne Jaworski
Joanne Jaworski Pirms Mēneša
Training SMARTER---YES!!! Phil Jackson brought energy focused intention to both MJ & Kobe. It's come ever farther than what Phil tried to teach them and it's a beautiful addition or transition to just using old school physical push. Thanks Skip and Shannon for keeping your conversation classy and profanity free!
Kammy Trillz
Kammy Trillz Pirms Mēneša
Foreign and southern ones always are...😶
Live Breathe Eat Fitness Co.
Live Breathe Eat Fitness Co. Pirms Mēneša
Remember Bobby knight coached Jordan once before real basketball historians know 🤜🏽
John Hawkins
John Hawkins Pirms Mēneša
Kobe was NEVA regarded as jordan's son, maybe a lil brotha. Kobe being able to do anything dat jordan cud do, shows how GOOD Kobe really is. KOBE=🐐
William Thacker
William Thacker Pirms Mēneša
This was out of respect and love for Kobe by Jordan. It wasn’t no PR move it was love.
E VH Pirms Mēneša
MJ was just being nice
PhantomOfDarkness Pirms Mēneša
in a way Kobe's passing was a way of teaching Jordan to loosen up a little & allow himself to be vulnerable. Jordan spent Kobe's entire life teaching him...but Kobe gave him the final lesson in life.
Quitan Wilson
Quitan Wilson Pirms Mēneša
My top five is kobe and mj than kd and harden and curry
Quitan Wilson
Quitan Wilson Pirms Mēneša
Shannon just made becase mj and kobe can take over a game why lebron. Still wondering how they do it take over games kobe and mj took over in the finals lebron lost more finals than he won
Jeff joubert
Jeff joubert Pirms Mēneša
How about the pressure of being booed by your hometown and coming out of high school straight to the NBA. back up to a good 2 guard Eddie Jones.. missed points
G Noza
G Noza Pirms Mēneša
MJ “ Kobe was maybe even tougher than i was, ....and I took that personally “
John Lavvas
John Lavvas Pirms Mēneša
The idiotic alarm ontogenically dream because male ethnopharmacologically allow amidst a nosy beet. gigantic, gifted era
Normajean Eason
Normajean Eason Pirms Mēneša
Kobe was his little brother not his son
MrBobbyj32 Pirms Mēneša
Kobe Fans: Understand this... M.J. knows how to "win the crowd." M.J. plays chess and everybody...EVERYBODY else...plays checkers. He rarely makes public appearances and rarely makes comments, but when he does...it reverberates for years; decades. 😏
Brown G
Brown G Pirms Mēneša
Damn Kobe we miss you man. Rest in peace 🙏
Fear less
Fear less Pirms Mēneša
Shanon, tell me if u fav player can get a ring with pau Gasol
TravelingTrav Pirms Mēneša
Killers respect killers.
Daniel Mullen
Daniel Mullen Pirms Mēneša
Kobe easily could’ve had 7 championships. One with him and shaq if they got along in the finals and won. Then in 2008 when Kobe was in his prime.
BlacJesuz Pirms Mēneša
Jordan may or may not had targets to chase but he was still motivated by the greats of the game. Dr J, David Thompson, Big O, Magic, Bird and others.
Faron Anderson
Faron Anderson Pirms Mēneša
Why don't other NBA players take a page out of Kobe Bryants book and learn from the master MJ.Kobe was never too proud to ask him and look what it done for him!!!
DM21 TV Pirms Mēneša
Kobe is the Best 💯
TheJbreaux Pirms Mēneša
Does this put an end to the MJ Lebron 🐐 conversation ? 🤔 we shall see!!!!! But to me it doesn’t matter they are all 🐐’s if that’s such a thing!
Kris Sanders
Kris Sanders Pirms Mēneša
Just came by to dislike the famous racist and woke sports duel of skip and Shannon. Hope your woke virtual signaling is worth your future downfall👍🏼 btw, Kaepernick is a race hustling troll and Tim Tebow is 100x the athlete, man and definitely American than the professional victim, Kaepernick.
Yorkell Bain
Yorkell Bain Pirms Mēneša
Yeah rite JORDAN only say that because KOBE then pass smh
Robert Hadchiti
Robert Hadchiti Pirms Mēneša
Jordan was probably waiting for Kobe to get inducted before rocking up to his crib for a 1 on 1. R.I.P
Uk women and latinas are sexy
Uk women and latinas are sexy Pirms Mēneša
I remember when I was giving Kobe his flowers when he was alive..And I got attacked now all of a sudden people acknowledge Kobe greatness
lombohi helingeg
lombohi helingeg Pirms Mēneša
The idiotic ghost simulteneously pray because cable cytopathologically wash beneath a knotty ring. shallow, frantic diving
Blazing Sword
Blazing Sword Pirms Mēneša
I AM JUST A SIMPLE PERSON. I SAW MJ AND KOBE'S NAMES (MY NO.1 AND NO.2 PLAYERS OF ALL TIME) I CLICK AND WATCH AND SMILED AND HAD TEARY EYES REMEMBERING THE LATE KOBE.... GOD I MISS THE MAN SO MUCH! A QUOTE OF HIM HELPED ME SO MUCH IN OVERCOMING ONE OF THE GREATEST TRIALS OF MY LIFE. Life is too short to get bogged down or be discouraged. You have to keep moving, you have to keep going. Put one foot in front of the other and keep on rolling.” - Kobe Bryant. Rest in PEACE! you will always be immortal in my life!
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