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Denver - A scenic city surrounded by majestic mountains in Colorado. Check out the top things to see and do in Denver!

When ready, browse vacation packages to Denver:

Come play with us in the “Mile-High City” and make the most of your .

Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, the state capital has a rich mining history that dates back to 1858. Kickstart your getaway with a romp around the Golden Triangle. Take a walking and gaze at the photogenic architecture and public art installations situated all around the neighborhood. Next, venture inside the Denver Art Museum, explore the History Colorado Center, and visit the Capitol Building.

During your Denver , don’t forget to soak up the sun and scenery. Mosey around the Denver Botanic Gardens, and visit the nearby historic mining town of Golden. After exploring the city from top to bottom, get a taste for the brew scene. Tour the Coors Brewery and nosh on some elk steak or rattlesnake dip at one of the nearby brewpubs in the Beer Triangle.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it.

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0:53 - The golden triangle
1:04 - Capitol Building
1:13 - Denver Art Museum
1:31 - Children's Museum of Denver
1:45 - Denver Botanic Gardens and Butterfly Pavilion
1:54 - Denver Zoo
2:09 - Denver Museum of Science and Nature
2:15 - Dinosaur ridge
2:32 - Buffalo Bill Museum
2:55 - Clear Creek History Park
3:06 - Colorado Railroad Museum
3:22 - Golden’s Mountaineering Museum
3:37 - Red Rocks
4:00 - Coors Brewery
4:17 - Garden of the gods
4:33 - Manitou Springs
4:36 - Pikes Peak
4:58 - Buckhorn Exchange

GIRIJA SWAIN Pirms 21 dienas
Boycott Denver, Boycott Khan
Laura Buchanan
Laura Buchanan Pirms 27 dienām
I would love to go to Denver. It's beautiful.
OmegaMale Pirms Mēneša
Rocky Mountain Oysters? Oxymoron.
GSMMAKEIT3 Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
Do you have a tour guide? I would be traveling from Los Angeles, CA. Please be kind to respond. Thanks 😊
Louisa Martinez
Louisa Martinez Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
These videos are so helpful, thanks for posting. Love binging on travel vids like this. ❤️nap
Kathleen Melzer
Kathleen Melzer Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
More hidden than Utah.
Jordan Carey
Jordan Carey Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
@5:30 that guy is relaxed because you can clearly see him smoking a joint in this clip 🤣
Nahaz Hashem
Nahaz Hashem Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
5:27 points camera to a group sharing a joint and says "maybe that's why folks here are so relaxed..."
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
greetings from México ,saludos desde México.
DOMMEX Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
Saludos carnal
Nishi S
Nishi S Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
dude you wasted 5 min in explaining about some useless museum... who tf goes to meuseum these days?
C L Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
A couple of things about Denver: 1) We do have seasons other than winter, 2) No one here eats Rocky Mountain Oysters. It's a tourist thing. I don't even know where else you can order them!
C L Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
@_Blue_Bear_ LOL! Deep-fried bull testicles. I'm not even joking!
_Blue_Bear_ Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
I don’t even know what the heck a Rock Mountain Oyster is
Domingez Alfredo
Domingez Alfredo Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
Any problems hiding there must be solved immediately
Eduardo Norman
Eduardo Norman Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
Professional Window Cleaning
Professional Window Cleaning Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
I love Denver window cleaners!
ElectricEel Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
Fahim Abdullah
Fahim Abdullah Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
Damn, i want to go there!
_Blue_Bear_ Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
Highly recommend it if you ever get a chance
CodeNewLegacy Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
SOPHIA MARTINEZ Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
this was the whitest video...
pee Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
ElectricEel Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
Metapobic Shancez
Metapobic Shancez Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Make Denver and the rest of Colorado better. Make some more interested events and games so that more people could move in.
_Blue_Bear_ Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
Definitely don’t need more people...
KALi Walker
KALi Walker Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Expedia pls do detroit, green bay and pittsburgh
HealthySuper EDUARDO
HealthySuper EDUARDO Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Since Denver is the safest, protected, calm, and friendly people, I am sure that the banks may be hiding tons of money. So that is why being a savage in Denver suppose to be the hardest dare.
krushna_ch_49 Pirms 9 Mēnešiem
No better than Expedia
Maxwell Vigil
Maxwell Vigil Pirms 9 Mēnešiem
Yall gota go to the dog food factory lol
HealthySuper EDUARDO
HealthySuper EDUARDO Pirms 9 Mēnešiem
Just trying to make Denver to the most perfect city in the USA.
HealthySuper EDUARDO
HealthySuper EDUARDO Pirms 9 Mēnešiem
°Nice people °Perfect services °Perfect prizes °Schools are fine °Perfect neighborhoods. No evil and yelling neighbors allowed °Low crime °perfect traffic °being able to walk at midnights without getting kidnapped, shot, robbed, etc °good paying in jobs °more religious people °cristian people are able live freely without getting bullied °people of all races are freedom °people with disabilities are safe and not bullied °if any issues happens, it will be solved immediately.
mariposa Pirms Mēneša
how about taxes? what taxes do you pay here?
_Blue_Bear_ Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
I’d take out perfect traffic and being able to walk at midnights safely but otherwise pretty accurate and pretty great
Eduardo Domorick
Eduardo Domorick Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
Ya the cops over there seem so smart and the best. The government is also keeping up with the great job such as avoiding pollution, keeping Denver happy.
Metapobic Shancez
Metapobic Shancez Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Yes trump also believes in god
anibal_bastian Pirms 9 Mēnešiem
Greetings from Sweden. Colorado will be on my schedule on my Us trip, as soon covid is over! Stay safe!
DOMMEX Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
Get some grub from Chubbys on 38th
Maxwell Vigil
Maxwell Vigil Pirms 9 Mēnešiem
Don’t got Rocky Mountain oysters because they are bull testicals
Samir Diab
Samir Diab Pirms 9 Mēnešiem
A natureza é maravilhosa
Lexi Roe
Lexi Roe Pirms 9 Mēnešiem
GooooooooooD Job
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Pirms 10 Mēnešiem
Derek Berardi
Derek Berardi Pirms 10 Mēnešiem
This could have really been more Denver-centric. It's mostly a city about Golden and certainly misses the best points of the actual city itself.
Katherine Klipera
Katherine Klipera Pirms 10 Mēnešiem
0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!
Scott Pirms 11 Mēnešiem
Y’all forgot Casa Bonita
DOMMEX Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
Maxwell Vigil
Maxwell Vigil Pirms 9 Mēnešiem
Everything makes you vomit except the Sopapillas
Adrian Tugade
Adrian Tugade Pirms 11 Mēnešiem
Joanna Montes
Joanna Montes Pirms Gada
denver is nice i want to vist some day
Quiz Guru
Quiz Guru Pirms Gada
perfectly certain we made quiz back the indicated video.
Ehjaouj Oussama
Ehjaouj Oussama Pirms Gada
Legends says this city laughes
nazir hassan
nazir hassan Pirms Gada
Who search denver city after money heist watched
Arikbuka 111
Arikbuka 111 Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
Bohat harami hai tu loru
nazir hassan
nazir hassan Pirms Gada
Who search denver city after money heist watched
Eileen Stack
Eileen Stack Pirms Gada
Joël Wyrsch
Joël Wyrsch Pirms Gada
Looks like Switzerland
Rushikesh Pawar
Rushikesh Pawar Pirms Gada
Who came here after money heist?
George Yacoub
George Yacoub Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
Iam from Egypt but I live in Kuwait
Rushikesh Pawar
Rushikesh Pawar Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
@George Yacoub no from india...are you from?
George Yacoub
George Yacoub Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
Are you American
Maria -
Maria - Pirms Gada
Money heist brought me here
Srinivas Radhe
Srinivas Radhe Pirms Gada
Andrew Eu Eugene
Andrew Eu Eugene Pirms Gada
A Friend, thx
Chris Cayford
Chris Cayford Pirms Gada
This might be a dumb question but I don't know anything about Denver, is it always cold? Like even in the summer?
DOMMEX Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
Bring sun screen elevation burns you quick, dont drink beer like you do at home it hits you quicker here.
Maxwell Vigil
Maxwell Vigil Pirms 9 Mēnešiem
It’s soo varied
Chris Cayford
Chris Cayford Pirms Gada
@Hill Citian gotcha
Hill Citian
Hill Citian Pirms Gada
No. It gets fucking hot in the summer.
Phú Khang Lê
Phú Khang Lê Pirms Gada
Mariah Walker
Mariah Walker Pirms Gada
I miss living here :((
Maxwell Vigil
Maxwell Vigil Pirms 9 Mēnešiem
Me to, I moved to the UK where did you move
Francesco Bellati
Francesco Bellati Pirms Gada
Please, make a Minneapolis video!
FragTmk Pirms Gada
Wow beautiful ... a dream.
SuperEman500 Pirms Gada
Moving back to Denver tomorrow, can't wait to be back in Little Jamaica, Denver should change it's sister city to Kingston.
Razorraxor Pirms Gada
You guys should do Salt Lake City too!
Expedia Pirms Gada
Thanks very much for the suggestion! We love Salt Lake City too and it is definitely on our radar :)
aisen Lara
aisen Lara Pirms 2 Gadiem
Booking hunter tv Copyright from you
EMELIO TV Pirms 2 Gadiem
Daniel Le
Daniel Le Pirms 2 Gadiem
Alejandro Chavez
Alejandro Chavez Pirms 2 Gadiem
This is beautiful 👍
Michèle Étoile
Michèle Étoile Pirms 2 Gadiem
It’s funny how they think Golden and Morrison are the outskirts of Denver when that’s not even the town
Derrick Hubbard
Derrick Hubbard Pirms 2 Gadiem
I'm going to cry Because I really love Denver Colorado
Eye See You
Eye See You Pirms 2 Gadiem
I live in Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods and Manitou springs, Pikes peak, is ours. Piss off Denver! I don't need to climb stone stairs to be a mile over sea level. Have fun with your traffic.
DOMMEX Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
Royal George is by far the best spot to go.
MountainGoaat Pirms 2 Gadiem
Forgot that Denver euthanized over 3,000 dogs and puppies in jusr a few years via use of gas chambers because of the way they looked. Also they separated dozens of other dogs from their families for the same reason. Happy travels.
Arianna S
Arianna S Pirms 2 Gadiem
Smells like homeless people farts/pee/feces
DOMMEX Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
Like any other city, doubt you went into the mountains lol smells like bear piss.
Isaah L
Isaah L Pirms 3 Gadiem
got me the nostalgia - Denver the last dinosaur
A Bag of Kale Chips
A Bag of Kale Chips Pirms 3 Gadiem
Seems boring tbh. Looks like any other city with a bunch of museums and zoos
DOMMEX Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
Life is what you make it.
SuperEman500 Pirms Gada
and we got weed here in Little Jamaica too.
Freddy Martinez
Freddy Martinez Pirms 3 Gadiem
Can you make one for Pittsburgh?
Mohamed Alhussaini
Mohamed Alhussaini Pirms 3 Gadiem
My lovely city I do really miss my stay there
Maz Dela Cerna
Maz Dela Cerna Pirms 3 Gadiem
great watch!!
Gideon John
Gideon John Pirms 3 Gadiem
Just subbed! it would be awesome to support eachother ✌️
Elsa Landa
Elsa Landa Pirms 3 Gadiem
I realy love Denver Colorado
Kevin Guerrero-González
Kevin Guerrero-González Pirms 3 Gadiem
I went to most of those places😭😭😭😍 my profile photo is up at pikes peak! I just loved Colorado 😍
coltsigma Pirms 3 Gadiem
I've always wanted to visit but this video bored me to tears sorry, but anyway I still do.
Billy G
Billy G Pirms 3 Gadiem
What a snoozer
tee_d_0818 Pirms 3 Gadiem
I love Denver Colorado
Royal Emery
Royal Emery Pirms 3 Gadiem
Why the thirteenth step? More of the same esoteric shit worldwide.
Kerem Szczebak
Kerem Szczebak Pirms 3 Gadiem
I live in Denver I live in Denver I live in Denver I live in Denver
Xhyper2 Zyper
Xhyper2 Zyper Pirms 3 Gadiem
I live in denver its pretty awesome
Blue Sky สไตล์ นางฟ้า
Blue Sky สไตล์ นางฟ้า Pirms 3 Gadiem
I live to Denver soon. That amazing Denver.
B. Franklin
B. Franklin Pirms 3 Gadiem
Don’t eat the Rocky Mountain oysters
Jeff Nirenberg
Jeff Nirenberg Pirms 3 Gadiem
so its always winter here?
Mohamed Alhussaini
Mohamed Alhussaini Pirms 3 Gadiem
TheJooberjones it gets damn hot in summer
Ram Alix Popek
Ram Alix Popek Pirms 3 Gadiem
Thank you Expedia. I love the way you explain your videos. Good guide .❤ God bless your team
30chano Pirms 3 Gadiem
All the weed we want
Captain.Danny Pirms 3 Gadiem
Ash Nicole
Ash Nicole Pirms 3 Gadiem
Is the city Uber friendly? Thinking about going January
Kyra H
Kyra H Pirms 3 Gadiem
Plenty of Ubers!
Joe Pirms 3 Gadiem
They forgot to tell us about all the recreational pot you can smoke thats whats up
Left Shark
Left Shark Pirms 3 Gadiem
One of the most boring cities in the world. And I live in Denver
Itz Pro
Itz Pro Pirms 3 Gadiem
G Ruben how is it even boring?I found lots to do in Denver
Marlon Elias
Marlon Elias Pirms 3 Gadiem
I wish you guys make one for MANILA
Kyle Fredrickson
Kyle Fredrickson Pirms 3 Gadiem
Great shots and Denver overview. I shot a short 3-minute travel video (my first video ever) of my trip to Colorado. The shots were taken over the course of 8 days and included Denver, Boulder, Jeeping in Ouray, exploring the Maroon Bells, and stopping at Hanging Lake. Check it out (only vid on my channel so far) for a good perspective of what to expect in such a beautiful state.
2bjjones Pirms 4 Gadiem
My future hometown, can't wait to get here. Just wondering how many 2 year olds get shot in the head there like here in Memphis.
Ya Boi
Ya Boi Pirms 4 Gadiem
Really wish this entire video wasnt recorded during winter. Snow is one reason i wouldnt move to a place.
Borys Voronkov
Borys Voronkov Pirms 4 Gadiem
I know more about sale from Stodoys handbooks !
Uh Pirms 4 Gadiem
Most boring state
DOMMEX Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
Never been to Kansas have you...
Luminos Hawk
Luminos Hawk Pirms 3 Gadiem
Hey that's not true
Itz Pro
Itz Pro Pirms 3 Gadiem
yeah,California is the best state in the world... look up California sucks and you'll be glad that you don't live there no more,plus I've been to Denver many times and I found lots to do there so you're reply is BS to me really,about everyone who hates living in California hates living there so this reply is even more incorrect
Fielder Grounds
Fielder Grounds Pirms 3 Gadiem
G Ruben while I'm starting to take pride in California now,I don't think Denver is boring,I visited there 3 times and I loved it!didn't find anything boring about it at all!it has witch gardens which was a blast!the downtown area which looked nice and clean,16th street mall,etc etc,seriously!your lucky to live there once again though,still like California,in my opinion,if all the states were countries,I think California and Colorado would be allies,that would be awesome
Left Shark
Left Shark Pirms 3 Gadiem
Fielder Grounds nope Denver is really boring asf lol. I used to live in California but now I live in Denver. And I can tell you that Denver is boring. Now California, that's the state to live in. It's the best state in the world.
Juan Valle
Juan Valle Pirms 4 Gadiem
Do one for Albuquerque please
jtay 2315
jtay 2315 Pirms 4 Gadiem
2nd time going on July 11th staying for a week I love denver
James B
James B Pirms 4 Gadiem
Me and my wife visited Denver from MI. So many things to do. Natives are cool as fuck. Down 16th street mall is where shit goes down as far as city life. Weed is legal. Def going back.
Run The Atlas
Run The Atlas Pirms 4 Gadiem
I recently visited the mile high city! Check out my vlog in my channel 🎥
Blake Steenrod
Blake Steenrod Pirms 4 Gadiem
Definitely love watching your videos
iremember la
iremember la Pirms 4 Gadiem
I visited Denver last year and it was beautiful!
K L Pirms 4 Gadiem
Is it weird that I prefer Denver more than LA (been to LA)
K L Pirms 4 Gadiem
Not a user either and will never be lol I guess it's the outdoors that is stunning 😍
K L Pirms 4 Gadiem
Not a user either and will never be lol I guess it's the outdoors that is stunning 😍
Mrs Jadesola Oyetola
Mrs Jadesola Oyetola Pirms 4 Gadiem
I love it
Thinkthank Indonesia
Thinkthank Indonesia Pirms 4 Gadiem
What a boring city..New York still the best city in USA...
Htown Trey
Htown Trey Pirms 3 Gadiem
Nah Houston nigga
S J Pirms 4 Gadiem
Thinkthank Indonesia So what? He could've visited Denver and there's around 4M Russians in the states so stfu .
Thinkthank Indonesia
Thinkthank Indonesia Pirms 4 Gadiem
Yeah but Denver is not in Russia, Igor honey...
Igor Shishkov
Igor Shishkov Pirms 4 Gadiem
dont judge by this awful video, it is complete garbage. see for yourself and say that again
Martin Kent
Martin Kent Pirms 4 Gadiem
In Denver, many of the parents ignore traffic laws with their children. Many of these parents are civil servants. Youth in Colorado deserve law-abiding, ethical and conscientious civil servants. Their future depends upon it. Double traffic fines in capital cities and see law-abiding streets and adults appear, in Denver. Imagine that!
Bear Man
Bear Man Pirms 4 Gadiem
Once blue skies - now Chemtrails spray a fog like haze over the city and front range - shit they spray so much you can taste it. Lung problems on the rise in Colorado
13Greenfire37 Pirms 4 Gadiem
Awesome city !
Isaiah Williams
Isaiah Williams Pirms 4 Gadiem
I live in Denver Colorado.
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