Top 10 BEST PLACES To Live In Hawaii
Meyike S
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pineapple pizza is from Edmonton
Orion Prime
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I wanna move to Australia and I find this video...But still don't change my mind...My dream is to work and live there so idc about this video. Most of this things that he mention I think they're not true (maybe just the first that he mention). I mean, for the animals one I would say....Don't disturb them and I think their not gonna try to kill you...Maybe for the distance between city's I could agree but I think (as a European, Italian) for the airplane hours I would say that is almost the same thing with US. Speaking of bad driver's I could say the same thing of the US or any other countries in the world...they are everywhere so wtf are you saying haha. I'm gonna apologize for my bad English but I'm trying to learn it😅
snap crap lolz
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hi mangotango
cpoky Pirms 3 Stundām
Hey....From Here to There....that picture yinz jags put up for Cairo, IL is actually a picture of the Daun Taun skyline of The Burgh (Pittsburgh, Pa) taken from Mount Washington. Maybe yinz just searched "Ohio river confluence" n'at pic came up (since I heard you mention it in the vid), but thats The Point where the Allegheny River and the Monongahela River meet to form the Ohio River. GO STILLERS
Maribel Lomeli
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Yess Seattle at #1 , and I love my liberals😎
Intrepid Jolletero
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You forgot Killeen and Copperas Cove in Central Texas 🤣🤣😂😂
Elyzsabeth Ahne
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Please, which towns are the most artsy--including, and especially, along the west coast? Just curious. Thank you very much in advance.
ScipioRomanus Pirms 5 Stundām
A once brilliant country, quickly descending into a globalist, communist shithole.
kevin00714 Pirms 6 Stundām
I lived in St. Augustine and the traffic took it's toll on me. I moved down the coast 20 miles to Palm Coast. It's perfect. Zero tourist, plenty of beach areas, and it's 20 minutes form St. Augustine, and 30 from Daytona. I still go to St. Augustine every time I want to get some serious beach time. You can drive on St. Augustine beach.
Brutus The Dog
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People in Illinois must be Illannoyed
Tony Smith
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Obviously the categories that you deem important for a place to live don't matter to millions of Americans. Life isn't about how much money you make, how the public schools rate, or what your state doesn't have compared to another state. Most of these states that you consider the worst are actually great places to live because people care more about one another, they still have core Christian Values that greatly enhance the quality of one's life. They believe life is more about sharing than accumulating stuff. They respect one another and gladly extend a helping hand. You won't find that in most areas of California, New York, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc.
Harrison Phin
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USA is not a top 10 best countries in the world ,but a rich country powerful in the world .
Samuel Magnum
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Sounds like I'm going on a few road trips. 😊
Rajbir Singh
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Which country is best canada vs australia?
AIA Productions
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“Austin never gets too cold” 2/12/21-2/24/21: The worst snow storm ever in Texas that did a ton of damage to the area.
AIA Productions
AIA Productions Pirms 10 Stundām
I personally love Austin. This is one of my favorite cities in the US and I know since I do live in Texas. There is oh so much to do and it doesn’t have a whole lot of crime. Job opportunities are decent and has a great economy. Food and tourism is great here. But downsides: Homelessness is bad since people live underneath bridges and aren’t safe to be around since the vast majority are drug addicts and also it is somewhat expensive. So I would recommend living in one of the suburbs like Round Rock. Though yeah, it’s a great place. Oh yeah, and UT is here and it has amazing education and sports.
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Nice riot in Sydney and Melbourne recently. You idiots can't even keep yourselves in lockdown. very intelligent stock
Carla Waniandy
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From Canada, we were driving to Portland Oregen to visit friends. Maps in Canada, they don't show side roads... US maps show every little road we know now. We thought we were taking a short cut, we drove way down in a forest.. all of a sudden a little creepy town just showed up in the middle of no where. The town looked like those old time towns in 1950's, there were little pre teens riding their bikes toward us, swaying back and forth like in those scary movies. My husband asked " you still wanna stop to go pee" I replied "*UCK that, keep going.... DON'T stop" I was so scared.
Sarah taylor
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Me: *hears Alabama at number 4* NUUUUUUUUU at least we have the best football team 😏
TheFirstGrant Pirms 13 Stundām
I've lived here all my life and I'd be more worried about wolves and bears. At least you can go outside and be weary of poisonous animals. They don't attack you or want to eat you. They just defend themselves. Crocs are only in the top North. And sharks only bite you if swimming in the beach. And it is extremely rare. More people die from bear attacks.
David F. Connor
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When you say "underground music scene" ... Do you mean raves? Or punk gigs??
Alumy Crick
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Australia can be a daunting, even aversive place for some, and not all travelers' reviews are wholly favourable. The British writer D. H. Lawrence, who lived here for a while in the 1920s, complained that Australian trees shed their bark, not their leaves, the birdlife doesn't sing, but shrieks, screeches and guffaws, and the intense southern hemisphere sunlight is a foretaste of the wrath of God for anyone emerging with a morning hangover. Half a century later Herman Kahn, a visiting American futurologist ("futurology" being the lucrative shtick of quite a few second-string public intellectuals at the time) opined that it must be having to walk around upside-down all day that makes the human inhabitants of the antipodes all bone from the neck up. And more recently my own hometown of Adelaide, although it presents on the surface as Australia's most prim, proper and Protestant city, has with some justification been characterised by Salman Rushdie as the bizarre sex murder capital of the world. So visitors beware!
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Haha ha ha drinking laws! Not a problem if you don't drink lol
Meara and the birds
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You can tell you don't know anything about canda (•́へ•́╬)
Sharyn Kerr
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The only bad thing about Australia is being hot and Eshays
B. Jackson
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@From Here to There Irvington, N.J.!!
Annie Lark
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If you can't handle the heat lil boy, get the heck out of my kitchen 😠😠😠😠
The Yak Master
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This actually fucking sad. Why would someone make a video on this. The only reason you shouldn't come here is cause of the wifi. Everything is great. Stop spewing bs. Ignore the video please. tyvm
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My internet is fine
Frank MacLeod
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Wow, actual deer in your yard, imagine that. This is propaganda. City people make me laugh
Frank MacLeod
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Was this supposed to be a joke? I bet this guy lives in Los Angeles
joshua perkins from victoria australia?
@Bobby Sands oh my glob
Bobby Sands
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Tom Tobin
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At 00:20 - "These don't compare to these". Clearly not an English language graduate.
Wes Harrison
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The Marshall plane crash was 60 miles from Point Pleasant?
RapIsDeadly Pirms 20 Stundām
I love your very honest straight forward review. Great job
Reuben Ingilela
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Most of these seem like positives except for the overpopulation and adverse weather occasionally 😅
026Breel8TM Pirms 21 Stundas
026Breel8TM Pirms 21 Stundas
You gotta move smart there there are parts that don’t be shooting
Sophia Friedenfels
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Honestly my small town has some deep dark creepy shit. Hell the whole county does.
Kissma Ass
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Who hurt you?
Jeremy AH
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Dropped a dislike when you showed Pittsburgh PA when you said Cairo IL.
Blue Ghost
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This makes me want to visit these places. If you're scared about murder and drugs...avoid blue cities.
Electric techno
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Well a hurricane did happen when I was 1st grade in houston
Guitar Man
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when are you gonna do min craft again on your other channel
TiKku 2
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As a person living in Sydney, I can confirm all of these points.
Attisize Pirms dienas
Worst vid
Phil Pirms dienas
Salome Arizona is the creepiest place I have ever been.
Attisize Pirms dienas
So there just fans jees
Attisize Pirms dienas
Lisa Pope
Lisa Pope Pirms dienas
Whittier is a cool little town.....ya'll have no clue
Kenneth Davis
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Good video overall but dude, “women as young as 12”? If they are under 18, they are not women. 👍🏿
VC Films
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*cries in californian*
Laura Matherne
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The drug trafficking, drug addicts that are sometimes really hostile if they want your boyfriend, the sex traffickers/drug traffickers that are also homeless gang members, and so much that I can't even post on here. It's nice if you have a good job and a life, not if you're homeless and/or a drug addict. They prey on young good looking drug addicted MEN to human trafficking but women should be wary too.
Kim Valiquette
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Wonder why he said polyamorous for the relationships in Colorado City. For the FLDS it's straight up polygamy, that's it. If the women want a relationship with someone else. Not going to happen. Not her choice. Unless the husband gets excommunicated or something. Then she has to marry someone else.
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AtTheRanch Pirms dienas
Elizabeth williams
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10 reasons why not to move to america 1 guns 2 rude people 3 karen’s 4 the law is bad 5 no free health care 6 if you go you would most likely want to move 7 food isn’t cheap 8 it’s way more expensive 9 the people there have no respect for anything and 10 it’s just awful so i’m sorry for you americans
CR4AMY Pirms 20 Stundām
IRV Pirms dienas
I live in San Diego and it’s pretty nice
Goldenblazeghast ;-;
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ew FLORIDA????????? why is my home state on the this video florida is like one of the worst states to live it's so ugly here only good things about florida is there beaches springs and theme and water parks but that it... I would love to move out of florida bc too many people from different state are coming here which sucks in florida trust me they would want to move back where they were from
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Looking at Google maps, auburn wv has a road going right through it. No dead end
Paul Dumitrescu
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king-savage 0906
king-savage 0906 Pirms dienas
Take a trip to salt lake city relocate back to Atlanta - NBA youngboy
Patrick Rayvon
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Greg Sowards
Greg Sowards Pirms dienas
The Marshall University plane crash was not in Point Pleasant WV. It was in Kenova WV at Tri State Airport, which is about 60 miles away.
Amy Eckert
Amy Eckert Pirms dienas
Oh yes st Pete's another good one
Amy Eckert
Amy Eckert Pirms dienas
We were just in clear water and I plan on going back!!
John Kyle Valencourt
John Kyle Valencourt Pirms dienas
Crazy to see point pleasant, wv on here. Less than an hour from me and got family there as well. It’s an interesting town to say the least. Some wild history with the “mothman” stuff. It’s a safe place overall and worth a visit.
The Amazing Wonders of Jill and Ave
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I actually live in point pleasant
MinkyMahomes Pirms dienas
I live in Jacksonville and it’s amazing
Doom-Spider337 Pirms dienas
I'm going to miss your Minecraft videos 😢
Tiny HoHo
Tiny HoHo Pirms dienas
Doing what he loves, what he is good at and what is useful are paths to his happiness. Grow with him and travel with him.
Tiny HoHo
Tiny HoHo Pirms dienas
yes me too. Amazing journey for him >2 M sub > 500M views in 2 gap years
maylon meek
maylon meek Pirms dienas
You seem to have a deep disdain for rural, religious people. I wouldn’t categorize that as “creepy” at all.
Rhonda Negrete
Rhonda Negrete Pirms dienas
Most of these states are Democratic run.. a Democrat hasn't done a damn thing for this country except destroy every they freaking touch!!
kandn420 Pirms dienas
I would go to a lot of these places. Centrailia has been on my bucket list to visit for years.
thedevilhimself Pirms dienas
Anyone else trying to read the captions🤣 at first i thought it was another laungage. I have no clue now🤣
Nate Show
Nate Show Pirms dienas
Utah is ugly
Nate Show
Nate Show Pirms dienas
Joseph smith was killed because people saw that the religion was corrupt
TheJuggernaut Beach
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This is an unintentional parody 🤣