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Olaf Weinzer
Olaf Weinzer Pirms 6 Stundām
Anyone reading it may not believe it but I'm the only one who's lived in Atlantic City NJ and Pacific City OR. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
GIRLRAZR Pirms 9 Stundām
So Comcast Tower 1 having building maintenance issues. Hey guys let get some new crown light bulbs! Ok? We can do it! We can do it! =)
NEMSTO Pirms 19 Stundām
What programs do you use for your watermark? How do you get it that the watermark is always in the same place. Thanks in advance for an answer!
Mario Del Cid
Mario Del Cid Pirms 23 Stundām
I’m going to Myrtle beach too !!!!!
That Comedy
That Comedy Pirms 23 Stundām
City of my dreams 🔥✊❤️
Justin Pearce
Justin Pearce Pirms dienas
Come back in another 4-5 years and it'll be different again.
My World
My World Pirms dienas
I use to live in Charlotte, it has changed a lot, Awesome footage
My World
My World Pirms dienas
Great Job, you create phenomenal video, I love your transitions
Olaf Weinzer
Olaf Weinzer Pirms dienas
For a city with almost 1 million inhabitants it has very few buildings.
Legend Gotta Catch Em All
Legend Gotta Catch Em All Pirms dienas
Music is 🔥
Olaf Weinzer
Olaf Weinzer Pirms dienas
Phoenix is ​​surpassing Houston in population and GDP. 😂😂😂😂. From Dallas.
Olaf Weinzer
Olaf Weinzer Pirms dienas
I'm from Chicago but Philly may have its poverty issues, but it's our dear grandparent city. And I wanted the 76ers to become powerful. Love forever
Olaf Weinzer
Olaf Weinzer Pirms dienas
Dallas smallest than Houston. 🤣🤣🤣
Olaf Weinzer
Olaf Weinzer Pirms dienas
Cincinnati now have half population of the 1950s
seattle turtle
seattle turtle Pirms dienas
I want to see seattle by night please 🙏
Olaf Weinzer
Olaf Weinzer Pirms dienas
Florida is beautiful but has many hurricane threats and minor storms. I went back to Boston.
Josh Pirms dienas
Wow so sick how the light reflects off of all the buildings. I liked when you did the sped up, upward flying shot showing the reflections. Is there a color filter on this or is this just how the city looks?! Awesome footage either way
Billy O'Neal
Billy O'Neal Pirms dienas
And there was nothing worth seeing…. Nebraska, it’s not for everyone Lol idiots
Puta vida por que naci en latinoamerica 😞
Jxenta L status
Jxenta L status Pirms 2 dienām
Will you mind if I take it and made lyrics video
Quinten Jones
Quinten Jones Pirms 2 dienām
Amazing work as always! The creative eye is superb; love your channel! I've watched L.A., San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio....still waiting for a view of 'Ole New Orleans! Nonetheless, thank you for sharing your work with us.
Olaf Weinzer
Olaf Weinzer Pirms 2 dienām
I like concentrated cities like NYC and Chicago, I don't like scattered cities like LA.
CMANX007 Pirms 2 dienām
I love omaha Nebraska
Marcos Araújo de Macedo
Marcos Araújo de Macedo Pirms 2 dienām
Vídeo muito interessante
Marcos Araújo de Macedo
Marcos Araújo de Macedo Pirms 2 dienām
Essa cidade e muito interessante, fantástica
William O'Lynnger
William O'Lynnger Pirms 2 dienām
What ND filters did you use?
RynsMakesYouHappy Pirms 2 dienām
One of the best cities ever
Tj.50mag MeadMaker
Tj.50mag MeadMaker Pirms 2 dienām
There are still things to see West of downtown Omaha
Donald Ewert
Donald Ewert Pirms 2 dienām
Congratulations Gianni's & The Bucks!!!!
Donald Ewert
Donald Ewert Pirms 2 dienām
Home of Gianni's Antetokounmpo & The Bucks!!
Donald Ewert
Donald Ewert Pirms 2 dienām
Didn't you say once that Milwaukee is one of your favorite cities? It is for me; I live here!!
Caleb Hardy
Caleb Hardy Pirms 13 Stundām
@Donald Ewert Finally someone gets it. Of course Milwaukee's gonna have crime, it's the largest city in the state with Madison as its capital. With a larger city will come more crime and poverty, one of the reasons Chicago is "most dangerous city" when downtown is actually pretty safe. Even other large cities like Columbus, Austin, and Charlotte have crime problems in some parts. Thank you so much Donald, more people should hear this.
Donald Ewert
Donald Ewert Pirms 2 dienām
How do you stay safe & avoid crime in any big city??!!
Caleb Hardy
Caleb Hardy Pirms 2 dienām
So how do you stay safe in the city? Like how do you avoid the crime?
Donald Ewert
Donald Ewert Pirms 2 dienām
I live in Milwaukee and we're proud of Gianni's & The Bucks!!!!
Brace Brooks
Brace Brooks Pirms 2 dienām
That was some great footage! I took pics of downtown Atlanta during my last trip there in March of 2021, but couldn't get any pics of the skyline at night like I wanted to, but watching this video was definitely a better way for me to get a good idea of what it looked like at night. My type of drone couldn't capture footage like this. I know drones that get this type of footage are way more expensive.
EmuMasterPOG Pirms 3 dienām
I used to Live in the Toledo-Detroit-Ann Arbor area and my dad would bring me to his work in Toledo every day. I actually found it fun because I got to get snacks and drinks and this very kind and helpful lady would give me candy. There was a very nice path and a calm flowing river. I'll never forget Toledo
Joy Faith
Joy Faith Pirms 3 dienām
What a shi? hole!
Kolkata 220
Kolkata 220 Pirms 3 dienām
Good video
Kolkata 220
Kolkata 220 Pirms 3 dienām
Kolkata 220
Kolkata 220 Pirms 3 dienām
Nice videos
Jon R
Jon R Pirms 3 dienām
It’s crazy because since you took this video the city has already changed a lot with a lot of large new builds going up
Jon R
Jon R Pirms 3 dienām
So proud to be from this beautiful city!
Debra Hannible
Debra Hannible Pirms 3 dienām
Ok but you didn't get the the LBJ corridor, legacy west, the star and the rest of 171...or Denton...ik u not tryna do all that driving but dfw ain't just d and fw
Debra Hannible
Debra Hannible Pirms 3 dienām
My favorite thing about Atlantas downtown is that it seems endless....but its very gappy
Blackwood 106
Blackwood 106 Pirms 3 dienām
Les États-Unis 🇺🇸 c'est un immense pays avec toutes les natures de la terre, chaque état a ses trésors qui ont des richesses
Ankit Patro
Ankit Patro Pirms 3 dienām
Please make a video on Seattle
TAPP Channel
TAPP Channel Pirms 3 dienām
Soon man... Very soon
Motorheadmike Pirms 3 dienām
Working outside everyday is a great challenge in Chicago and I personally love our weather.
Andy Pirms 3 dienām
the last place in the world where i wanna rest myself there for the rest of my life.May Almighty make my dream dream come true
Brace Brooks
Brace Brooks Pirms 3 dienām
Very interesting! I've never been to K.C before, and likely never will go, but it was interesting to see what it looked like. Based on this title, it's often hard for me to remember that this city is in Missouri, and not Kansas because Oklahoma City is in Oklahoma and New York City is in New York.
Joseph smelly underwear Smith
Joseph smelly underwear Smith Pirms 4 dienām
Tyler Rooney
Tyler Rooney Pirms 4 dienām
Did you need to get any airspace clearance for these shots? Been thinking about flying in NYC but it looks a little tough on the air maps.
Christopher Baker
Christopher Baker Pirms 4 dienām
Been to Houston beautiful city and it's huge i am from western Nebraska and it makes Omaha Nebraska look like a little village 😂😅
Christopher Baker
Christopher Baker Pirms 4 dienām
I went through Dallas back in 2008 on my way back to Nebraska couldn't believe how huge Dallas is makes Omaha Nebraska look like a little town 😂😅
Orlando Nunez
Orlando Nunez Pirms 4 dienām
Donald Ewert
Donald Ewert Pirms 4 dienām
Home of Gianni's & The Bucks!!!
john f
john f Pirms 4 dienām
a city with no green with no trees!!!Neither one tree...only big buildings with no face. there is nothing to see there.
moneydontluvsbutter Pirms 4 dienām
Me:Los Angeles My brain:Los Santos
RED MESSAGEER Pirms 4 dienām
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MM Pirms 4 dienām
5,000 Strong Showed Up!
Donald Ewert
Donald Ewert Pirms 2 dienām
65,000, I was one of 'em as I live in Milwaukee.
kendodubbag72 Pirms 4 dienām
My fave city to visit!
Witzel Asper
Witzel Asper Pirms 4 dienām
Omaha has changed so much in the last 25 years you should do a fly around on the surrounding towns that it is absorbing into itself
Gabriel Tdoriginal
Gabriel Tdoriginal Pirms 4 dienām
Lugar lindo demais
Brace Brooks
Brace Brooks Pirms 4 dienām
Amazing and spectacular views! I know Detroit has a terrible reputation, but at least the downtown part has significant improvements and upgrades. I had a decent experience my last visit in downtown Detroit in June of 2019 during their River Days event. I didn't see or experience any trouble while there. My 2 other times there in Detroit in the year 2000 also went well.
Petr Podroužek
Petr Podroužek Pirms 4 dienām
Very interesting and nice video my friend :-)
Brace Brooks
Brace Brooks Pirms 4 dienām
Awesome footage! I'll likely never get to visit Houston since I don't know anyone there, but it's interesting to see what the 4th most populated city in the U.S looks like from that kind of view.
Julian Ruvalcaba
Julian Ruvalcaba Pirms 4 dienām
Its truly amazing what humans can build.
Little Tut
Little Tut Pirms 5 dienām
Saw on the news, been 50 years since Milwaukee won a championship! Wow, I was 5 years old! Birthday July 22nd. :))
BOUGI Pirms 5 dienām
Can you please give me the name of the song?
Mirian Almeida
Mirian Almeida Pirms 5 dienām
Very beautiful
Slim Jim
Slim Jim Pirms 5 dienām
Who here after milwaukee win the championship
Patrick Magnum
Patrick Magnum Pirms 5 dienām
Great congratulations, Milwaukee is on top of the 🌎 now.
Adam McDermott
Adam McDermott Pirms 5 dienām
didn't go west of 20th st eh? there's a lot more to Omaha than just the old market and the river.
Santosh Kumar bachara
Santosh Kumar bachara Pirms 5 dienām
Thanks so much better beautiful
Zach Lavine
Zach Lavine Pirms 5 dienām
Congrat to the Bucks 🔥🔥💪💪
Caleb Hardy
Caleb Hardy Pirms 5 dienām
Are you going to do an 8 minute drone video of the city like Nashville and Charlotte?
Caleb Hardy
Caleb Hardy Pirms 4 dienām
@TAPP Channel Yes, since you were there at the celebration.
TAPP Channel
TAPP Channel Pirms 4 dienām
Of Milwaukee?